Product we love and recommend!

Food we use and food we recommend for an alternative. We suggest high quality food where the first ingredient is meat. If it seems your dog does not like the food or maybe having allergies to a specific food consult your veterinarian for options. These are foods we have used and have had no issues with. So when in doubt ask your vet for suggestions.


This is the food we currently use.

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Natural Dog Company Multivitamin is our go to for our dogs!! Each one of our dogs get a yummy chewable daily. They love the taste and they are perfect size for each of our dogs. Natural Dog Companies Multivitamin is an all-natural, safe, and vet approved dietary supplement for all dogs. What we love about these multivitamins is their organic ingredients and vitamins. Click here to order yours today.

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DOG HAIR!! Uproot Cleaner Pro! They all shed and we have tried many products to remove it from carpet, rugs and furniture!! This is has been a game changer and we couldn't recommend it enough!!

Keep you puppy out of areas you don't want them!! Perma Retractable Gate, this gate is awesome!! It is tall so they can't jump over it. Sits low to the ground to keep them from sneaking under. The gate locks automatically so they can't push it open. Easy to open and close for you to walk right through. Easy installations as well!!


Dog Kennels. We always kennel train our dogs. Just for them to know it is a safe place for them is very important to us. Our dogs usually are always napping in their kennels during the day with the doors wide open. It is great for when we have friends over with little kids and the dogs get overstimulated, they use their kennels as their safe place. We make sure that all adult and kids know that if they are in their kennel they need a break. We use two different kinds of kennels but they seem to enjoy the ones that are more enclosed. 

Enclosed Kennel.jpg
OPen Kennel.jpg

Grooming! Probably the hardest part was learning the brushes and what we should use with each dog. So here is a list of brushes we have used and what we have thought of them and what kind of fur we think they work best on!! 

Good for all coat types for weekly brushing.

Pet Slicker.jpg

Good for all coat types for weekly brushing. Works great for long fur coats during blowouts.

Good for short coat types during the blowout season.


Mats happen. Even though we brush weekly we are human and can miss a spot and the hair gets matted down. This is a great little brush to help get the mat out. 

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