Our  Girls

We are so proud to introduce our two babies. Anu and Mikko are such a blessing to our family. 

Anu was born on October 27, 2014. She came into our family as soon as she could leave her mommy.  Anu is the sweetest little girl. Unlike most Siberian Huskies she is very calm and enjoys just laying around the house with us. She enjoys slow walks, she is very talkative and will try to argue with you when she doesn't want to do something. How can you not giggle at her though? She is definitely a mommy's girl. 

Mikko was born on November 17, 2014. She came to our home right away as well. She is very energetic and stubborn but is very much a lover when she gets the exercise she needs. She is very active and needs more of a jog than a walk. She is  very quiet, but will let you know when someone new comes around. She has loving soul and warms to you quickly.  Mikko loves to be outside. She is very much a daddy's girl!!