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Siberian Husky FAQ

What is the Tempermanet of a Husky?

     Siberian Huskies are loving, gentle, playful  dogs that are fond of their families. Huskies are a  high-energy dog, especially when young.  Huskies are very intelligent and trainable. They barely bark but do like to howl if bored. Huskies make an excellent jogging companion, they do need a lot of room to run.  Siberian Huskies are known to roam so a fenced in back yard is very nice for them to be able to roam.

Does a Siberian Husky shed?

     Yes, Siberian Huskies will shed at least 2 times per year. When this is going on the best thing to do is brush them daily to keep getting the lose hair out. When they are not shedding I recommend a brush once a week or so just to keep any knots or mess they could have created over the week out of their hair. 

Are Huskies vocal?

     Sometimes!! They do not bark often unless a guest arrives or if another dog arrives to say Hello. They do howl at times but the kids love it. One of our girls, Anu, she loves to talk. When she doesn't want to get up and head to bed she will make noises and talk to us. Which we love!!

Are Huskies active?

     Yes!! They do need a lot of exercise. Daily walks are good or if you are a jogger they would make a great partner. Also if you bike you can take them with you. A large yard with a fence for them to run is a good idea, or even a lead rope tied between two trees so they can roam a bit. If huskies do not get adequate exercise they do get bored. A bored husky may get into trouble. It is possible they will chew on things, dig holes, and maybe possibly even escape. 

Do Siberian Huskies do well with children?

     Huskies are amazing with children. They are not an aggressive dog so they are very tolerable of small hands poking and pulling at them. They love to follow the kids around and just lay next to them. They are very loving and loyal dogs. 

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