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We are so very excited about having our first litter of puppies. We first started out wanting to do just Pomsky puppies but after having our Siberian Huskies for a year we decided that the world needed more of them. They are such wonderful dogs. We have enjoyed having them in our family so very much. The Sires that we used for breeding this round are my mother in laws dogs. Ollie and Barry who are just gorgeous amazing animals. They have a great temperment that I feel will mesh so well with our girls.

Summer has come to an end already and I just wanted to share some fun photos of the girls. They went on their first camping trip to Grand Marais, MN this summer. It was a rainy weekend but they did awesome and had so much fun. They hiked up to see Devil's Kettle. On the hike we met many other dogs and the girls did wonderful being polite to the others. So many people had us stop so they could pet them and they all had nothing but good things to say about them. The other hike they did was Gooseberry Falls in Two Harbors, MN. Because of the rain we did not hike much but for their first time it was a great experience because the falls were just roaring with water in May. I was so happy to share it with my kids and our fur babies.

Mikko trying to eat the waves at Artist Point
Gooseberry Falls-Our First family photo

Anu questioning the water temp in Grand Marais

Cold and wet but still smiles at Devil's Kettle

Mikko questioning but she doesn't question long

Gooseberry falls so hard to get them all to look

Devil's Kettle-Cold and wet from the rain only to stand under the falls

Mikko checking out the falls at Gooseberry

Mikko she hates looking at the camera

Unless she has her nose shoved into the lens :)

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