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This morning was full of excitement. Or should I say last night the excitement happened?! Either way we have all been waiting for this wonderful day and it finally came this morning.

Let start with the story from last night. I got home from work and went to check on our fur babies. I noticed that Anu was very restless and started wondering maybe she is ready. Throughout the evening I would check on her and made sure her kennel was clean and that she had plenty of food and water. She was definitely in her nesting stage as she wanted to do nothing but lay in her bed. Well at about 9 pm we decided nothing was happening that we all should get some sleep.

Fast forward to 6:20 AM.

Our son got up and got ready for school. We asked that he run out and get the dogs some water and food. And what do you know he came back running to the house opens the door and yells "ANU IS HAVING PUPPIES!!" I was so excited I jumped out of bed and hit the ground running. I got out to her kennel and she had one little baby puppy. My heart just melted!!

I rushed back to the house because well it is a school day and the kids bus was coming any minute. We rushed to finish getting ready they had to have "hot lunch" today because mom was way to excited about the puppies coming to finish with cold lunches. Well they made it on the bus. Now to grab some towels, my morning coffee (Dr. Pepper, not a fan a coffee) and head out to watch the rest of the puppies be born.

Anu delivered all 5 of her puppies by 10 AM. She did great for her first litter. Did not need any help from us which was probably a good thing since I was excited I made myself a hot mess. But we are so proud of her. She is taking great care of her puppies and I can not wait to show them off to all of you!! But here is a sneak-peak of what beauties Anu and Barry created!!

For more pictures of Anu's puppies check out her litter under Available Puppies litter AS-1!!

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