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Well the puppies are two days old!! They are getting bigger and bigger every day. They are so adorable I can not wait to cradle them in my arms. Momma (Anu) is doing great. She has been so tentative to the pups but has also finally been taking some time for herself and going outside to get some movement.

Mikko seems to be getting ready. She was had a lot of excitement with her sister having puppies so she has had a hard time relaxing. But today she has been laying down and seems to be nesting since she is kicking her bedding all over the place so time to switch to a blanket just in case she is getting ready. She is due tomorrow and her belly is so big!! I love how she waddles around.

Hoping to get some photos of the puppies this weekend so we can show you all how cute they are. So stay tuned!!

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