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Well we have had an adventure the last few weeks caring for the puppies. Anu's litter is not 2 weeks old and MIkkos litter is now 1 week old.

Anu's litter they are getting so big!! Their eyes are open now. They are just turning into such gorgeous little pups. Still hard to determine what color they are but hopefully soon we will know.

Mikko's litter this morning we had a few more open their eyes. So we are almost there with them. A couple they have them cracked but they are being shy.

We are loving on these puppies so much. It has come a routine for my husband and me to go out at night and just check them. We end up being out there for an hour or so just holding them all and giving the moms some love for doing such a wonderful job!!

We will all have a hard time watching them go!!

Until next time!!

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