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Well the puppies are doing amazing!! They have grown so much it is hard to believe they are 4 weeks already. Their personalities are coming out and they are just a lot of fun!!

Today we took the pups outside for a photo shoot. Needless to say they loved it. A few of them were a little scared at first but once they got use to noises of the leaves crunching they had a blast running around the yard.

You know those adorable puppy photos where they are all sitting in a tub with their cute little paws over the edge? Yeah those sweet innocent photos that you so want one of your own. We tried folks!! These little boys and girls were not having it. Thank goodness I had my niece and her friend here to help with those because I would not have been able to do it myself!! Here are some fun bloopers of Anu's littler:

Finally after probably 10 tires we finally got this one!! They are just such dolls!!

Now for Mikko's Puppies. These boys and girls did not want to cooperate at all!!

Still after all the bloopers this is the only one we could get. Stinker!!

The puppies will be ready for their home on November 2oth. They are all such amazing puppies and I hope we will find them all great homes. If you are interested please contact us to set up a visit and please fill out the puppy application before had so we can kind of get to know you before we meet you.

Thanks so much and Stay Tuned for more updates on these little guys and girls!!

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